Christy Leigh Stewart (christystewart) wrote in sac_pagan,
Christy Leigh Stewart


I'm trying to find out all I can on 'Azoth' as a term, ideology, ect. I understand the word as it is used in alchemy and know the illustration of the 7 pointed star in Basil Valentine's Azoth of the Philosophers, but I can find almost NO information on the book itself or any copy of it.

I know of Azathoth/Azotharoth in the Cthulhu mythos, but it is my understanding that the name Azoth is a latter addition to the mythos by Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, and Mike Docherty in the 1980s as a screen play that later became a storyarch for the Conan comics.

Can anyone give me any more information or a push in the right direction to into finding some more information?
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