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Announcing the beginning of a new Feri Tradition class in Sacramento

What: the beginning of an extended series of classes in the Feri tradition.

When: some time in the middle of March, depending on the wishes and schedules of interested attendees.

Where: Sacramento, CA at the home of some of the people who are interested in studying: location details to be given out to people who tell me they want to study with me.

Who am I: Christopher Bartlett, initiate in the Feri tradition through the lineage of Valerie Walker

Who may come: anyone with an interest in the Feri tradition. If I don’t know you personally, I will wish to meet with you in person ahead of time so that you and I will be able to assess whether or not mine is the class for you.

What is the Feri Tradition? Please do some research. In brief, it is a pagan tradition created, or synthesized by Victor Anderson and since elaborated on by him and his students/descendants. It is an ecstatic tradition that draws on many elements of witchcraft, shamanism and other disciplines to create both a path to self-development, and a way of worshipping deity, both omnipresent and specific. It is sex-positive, queer-positive and will make you question everything you think you know.

Schedule: in-person classes will be held roughly once a month. Between classes, there will be homework, experimentation and practice that will be necessary to get the most out of the class. There will also be on-line discussion via a private email list that will provide an opportunity to discuss, process and interact with one another to broaden our understanding of the material.

Notes: The first two or three classes will be open, to allow those who are interested to have the opportunity to try things out before committing to what may well be a two-year curriculum. After that, classes will be closed to create a space where we are working with known people. As we get into the heart of the material, it will be important to have a safe space in which to work, play and experience the often intense results of our magical working.

And make no mistake, there is magic to be made here. The Feri tradition is not for the faint of heart or the dabbler; it is a searching inquiry into our souls, our divinity and the ways in which we interact with one another and the gods of this and other worlds. One cannot remain unchanged by looking at these questions.

How do I play: Contact me to let me know of your interest. If I don’t know you, we will need to schedule a time to meet before the beginning of class. Once I have a group of interested students, I will set up the email group and invite everyone to join.

Cost: this class is free of charge.

Enjoy and I hope to see some of you in class soon.
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