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Death of Independents

So the other day I was leaving the store over near my house and while walking out I noticed a group of trucks parked in front of my favorite brew place, Sac Brew Co. There were several people out front talking out front, being the curious sort that I am, I wandered over to see what was going on. It had been a while since I had been there to get my favorite "Sacsquatch Scotch", and I thought about how I missed it.

I noticed that there was no one inside, and that the lights were darker than normal......"You all aren't closing are you?" I said in a hurried and worried voice. "Yeah, sorry the economic downfall got us." It was George, the owner of the Sac Brew Co. "No! You can't close!" I said with a tone of demand. Laughing "I have to, got no money left to keep even the lights on, not to mention the equipment. People stopped eating out at places like this." Said George. He was a nice enough guy, had a big smile even thought he was scuttling brewing pride.

He told me that basically no one was coming anymore, and that it's costing people. Previously he had been the owner of "The Oasis" also, he had shut that down a while ago to keep the Sac Brew Co. open. He said he was having to sell off things on Ebay, so keep your eyes out! He still has many kegs of beer and scotch, and is building kegorators too. If you are interested in them, keep an eye out on Ebay, I'll try to keep everyone up to date on everything.

It is sad though that people have stopped going out, it will mean the death of many independent places, stores, restaurants, coffee places, bookstores, and many other interesting little places. The other day I took a walk through Old Sacramento and noticed a very upbeat crowed. Talking to the owner of one of my favorite stores, Ology, he was happy just to have the tourist crowed in his store buying things. He told me he had known of other stores that weren't so lucky, and had to shut down.

It is sad that people will go to Denny's and pay their prices when they could go to an independent place and get more for the same price if not less. I recently went to "Silver Garden" on Madison just off the freeway. We got a bowl of "War Wanton" soup, "Shrimp in Lobster Sauce", 12 "Crab Cheese Fried Wanton" appetizer, Tea, and Sodas for a little over $20. Ok, you have to understand the portions here, IT WAS HUGE! I had to take 2 containers for the soup alone home, there was half to two thirds of the Shrimp left also. Beat Denny's hands down, no problem at all.

One of my very old friends owns a coffee shop there in the same strip mall there, the "Cyber Java" cafe. Wonderful place, anyone remembers the coffee place that was in the Birdcage mall way back when? The one next to the pizza place, the great Greek owner, his wife, and mother (from the old country). Well this is the place, they just moved!

I came in and he was very happy to see an old face. He told me that it was after hours and the family was there, but that I should come in and stay for a bit. He didn't seem interested in closing up right then, not sure it was because he didn't want to, or that his mother was in the back furiously at work on some fresh pastries for the next day. Don't get in the womans way, she's a machine!! He told me that he was getting by, but has been trying to get more people in the store. He said he even had free Wi-fi there for computer people, and outside seats for those who like the fresh air. Mind you, if you do like the fresh air, mind the flying ouzo cups.........inside joke you'll get if you become a regular.

Ok, to end this, I'm just saying, if you don't want this place becoming nothing but a corporate wasteland of nothing but Starbucks on every corner opposite a Wal-mart and Denny's, then maybe it's time to let the tourists take over those and we should start heading out to the independents. I will be making a LJ group for independent places all in Sacramento, and the close outlaying areas. I'll update soon when I have a name for it. I will leave a list here of some places that might be interesting to stop by, if not for a cup of coffee, or a bite to eat, or a new something you want, maybe just to see a dying breed of people that refuse to sell out.


a few places to check out:

Silver Garden - (916) 332-3105
4321 Madison ave. Sacramento, CA 95842

Cyber Java - (916) 339-2883
4321 Madison ave. #D, Sacramento, CA 95842

Butch n' Nellie’s Coffee Co. - (916) 443-6133
1827 I Street Sacramento, CA 95816

Go visit these places, if you stop by Cyber Java, make sure you tell Gus the owner that Edward said hello. ;)

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