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Sacramento Grove of the Oak gathering this Sun & PantheaCon report

Howdy all,

Yes Sacramento Grove of the Oak is having a Planning meeting and Grove gathering this Sunday...

Planning meeting before the gathering at 5:00pm. We will be discussing a garage sale fundraiser that we are planning for the Grove and other events at the planning meeting.

Grove Gathering at 7:00p.m. Please bring drums and instruments AND a potluck dish!

Grove is located at 9421 Maria Way, Sacramento, CA 95827
Questions: 916-801-2519

Speaking of PantheaCon... What amazing time it was! The ritual that Grove of the Oak participated in was incredibly beautiful and poignant. We has almost 200 people participating!

James Bianchi, President of the House of Danu sent an email describing the ritual. (Dance Macabre is the musical group that accompanies our ritual.)

He wrote

"We had the largest contingent of Dance Macabre ever, including a harpist, violin, costumed dancers, 3 flutes and drums.
Sacramento Grove of the Oak, Michael Gorman, the Taliesin, Grand Yew Grove, and Croi na Gleann, pulled together a wonderful ritual.  The theme was 'Back to Basics.'  Participants were anointed and assigned a direction as they entered.  We had almost 200 participants.  Sacramento Grove of the Oak set-up directional tables where participants decorated headbands to the music of Danse Macabre, and came with magnificent directional  banners for the procession.  The procession was loud and boistress and stretched out along the entire hotel main floor which is about 2 blocks long.  The ritual again had no script, just an outline that enabled us to proceed with a brisk pace. We created a central working where they ritually focused on their 'Awareness' of the natural order where they live and their personal relationship with it: forming their intention to investigate how they live over the course of a year [Taliesin Quest]. Once they fixed their personal intentions, they collected a scroll from the central cauldron containing the Taliesin Quest, the Charter of Compassion ), and a tattoo,  Michael Gorman led our spiral dancing (using our chant by Evelie Delfino Sales Posch from the Gorsedd).  After doing our standard releasing and closing, we ended with Merry Meet as a song and dance as our ending exit processional.
The special ritual expert for Cherry Hill Seminary, Steve Posch, who has attended hundreds of rituals, tends to be very critical of everything he sees, but loved our ritual.  We didn't waste time explaining things, and we didn't drone on about all manner things people already knew.  We spoke from our hearts and not from a script (less was more), and our central working was focused and uniquely personal to each participant .  He loved being able to dance and sing.  It was the most fun he had all weekend."
Thanks to all who helped and participated.

There are PICTURES from the ritual and the weekend:

Thanks to Shylah:

Thanks to Julia:

Please come to Grove this Sunday and share your PantheaCon stories.

Hugs and Blessed be!

Dave Shorey
Sacramento Grove of the Oak
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